Education - Differential Geometry for Image Processing

Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes (DiffGeomInImProc) – Part I

Lecture Notes (DiffGeomInImProc) – Part II

Lecture Notes (DiffGeomInImProc) – Part III

Mathematica Excercises

Mathematica notebooks (DiffGeomInImProc) – Part I

Mathematica notebooks (DiffGeomInImProc) – Part III

Education - Cortona Summer School 2017

Course Material and Slides

Copyright notice: Never use (the figures/animations from) this presentation (meaning the presentation by R.Duits at the Cortona School July 2017)  without acknowledgement or without contacting the author(s). 

Course Material


Lecture 1 & 2 - LieAnalysis Package and Tutorial

The LieAnalysis package is required to run the Mathematica Notebooks from lecture 1, 2 and 4. The enclosed tutorial is to show how the packge can be used.

Lecture 4 - Tracking

Mathematica Notebooks

Bundle Tracking SE(3)

Eikonal Solver Upwind (.nb)

Fast Marching (.nb)

Retinal Vessel Tracking (.nb)