OrientationScoreGaugeFrames[objTensor, options]
returns data-adaptive frame from a objTensor that is formatted as a hessian

OrientationScoreGaugeFrames[ObjPositionOrientationData, {σspatial, σangular}, options]
Computes the gauge-frame from ObjPositionOrientationData by first computing the hessian using the σspatial and σangular


  • In case an ObjPositionOrientationData is supplied than internally the function OrientationScoreTensor is used to compute the hessian
  • The Gauge frame is an extension of the Left Invariant Frame (which is used by LeftInvariantDerivatives), which is adapted to the data from the Orientation Scores. Therefore the Gauge frame is better aligned with the data in the score
  • The function returns a volume containing a frame at each position (which aligns to the score-data). This frame consist of three orthogonal vectors which can be used in further processing of the score
  • Unlike most functions from the LieAnalysis package this function returns a numeric output instead of the commonly used objects

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Basic Examples  (2)Basic Examples  (2)

The Gauge frame from a Orientation Score can be computed from an OrientationScoreTransform

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A vector plot can show the vector that points in the direction of the data. The vectors are multiplied by the orientation score to only show the important vectors

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An indirect way of computing the Gauge frame is by first computing the Hessian

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