dr. ir. R. (Remco) Duits

Associate professor / Principal Investigator

R. Duits received his M.Sc. degree (cum laude) in Mathematics in 2001 at the TU/e, The Netherlands. He received his PhD-degree (cum laude) at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the TU/e. Now he is associate professor at the Department of Applied Mathematics & Computer Science and affiliated part-time at the medical image analysis (IMAG/e) group at the Biomedical Engineering Department. He has received an ERC-StG 2013 personal grant (Lie analysis, no. 335555). His research interests subtends group theory, functional analysis, differential geometry, PDE’s, harmonic analysis, geometric control and their applications to biomedical imaging and vision.

dr. ir. E.J. (Erik) Bekkers


I received my PhD-degree (cum laude) for the thesis “Retinal Image Analysis using Sub-Riemannian Geometry in SE(2)” which I conducted at the dept. of Biomedical Engineering (IMAG/e group) of TU/e. During this time I also worked as research engineer at the medical device company EasyScan BV. 

ir. J.M. (Jorg) Portegies

PhD Canidate

PhD in Remco's group since 2014.  I have a background in applied mathematics. I am mostly working on PDEs, Lie groups and applications in diffusion-weighted MRI.

ir. F.C. (Frank) Martin

Scientific Programmer

Joined the Lie Analysis Group in May 2016 as scientific programmer. Graduated the same year in Biomedical Engineering (Medical Image Analysis) at the TU/e. During his studies has done multiple projects using the 2D orientation scores. 

ir. S.P.L. Meesters

PhD Canidate, Scientific Programmer

Graduated in 2013 within the group of Biomedical Image Analysis. From December 2013 he started a PhD project at CASA on the topic of functional and structural methods for minimally invasive treatment of epilepsy.

Former Team Members

  • Dr. G.R. (Gonzalo) Sanguinetti, PostDoc
  • ir. M.H.J. (Michiel) Janssen, PhD Canidate


  • Ir. T.C.J. (Tom) Dela Haije, TU/e